Answer on Twitter with Botmaker

Answer instantly and segment conversations

Build valuable conversations with your followers

Improve your reputation among customers and prospects with automation

Chat and reply to Twitter comments on Botmaker with a bot and multiple customer support agents.

Main features

Connect Twitter

  • Self-service channel integration in just 4 steps.
  • Automation of replies to your Tweets.
  • A bot or agents answering in real-time on the Twitter chat.
  • Possibility to segment conversations by topic.
  • Message forwarding to the appropriate team.
  • Filters, tags and much more for your conversations.


  • Automation of complete flows, campaigns, customer service, sales and internal help desk.
  • Optimization of time and resources.
  • Instant answers 24/7.
  • Creation of customized bots for every need through intents.
  • Proprietary artificial intelligence.
  • Connection to more than 20 text and voice channels.
  • Integration with other platforms, CRMs, payment systems, geolocation, delivery and translation.

Multiple agents

  • Multiple agents responding simultaneously.
  • Possibility to segment conversations by topic.
  • Chat forwarding to the appropriate team.
  • Filters, tags and much more for your conversations.
  • Visual alerts for the conversation status.
  • Centralization of agents and channels in a single place.
  • Possibility of hybrid operation.

Marketing engine

  • Creation of innovative and optimized campaigns with bots.
  • Bots customized through intents for each campaign.
  • Automatic record of new opportunities and leads
  • Tools for direct communication with the audience of interest.
  • Everything centralized on our platform.


  • Full traffic monitoring, with service defense against DDoS attacks to the infrastructure.
  • Geolocation control enablement and application-based defense for SQLi and XSS attacks.
  • Implementation of permission lists and IP blocking.
  • Compliance with the European data protection law.
  • Global Google platform technology and infrastructure with customized security policy configurations.

Metrics and analytics

  • Dashboard in real-time with reports on the activity of your agents, sessions and conversations.
  • Report configurator with customization filters.
  • Data connection with Business Intelligence solutions from the API or with specific downloads.
  • Ability to analyze the performance of your teams and the communication with your customers.

Artificial intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence engine with machine learning.
  • Cognitive language comprehension, designed to understand Spanish and its idioms.
  • Interpretation of user intents through the use of text or voice.
  • Possibility of bot customization.


  • Through APIs with other Chat, CRM and Social Media platforms.
  • With payment systems, geolocation, delivery and translation.
  • Access through API.
  • Reports with Google Data Studio.
  • Access to BI and Data Warehouse.
  • Platforms such as Zoho connect, Salesforce and Zendesk.
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Ford on Twitter with Botmaker


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conversations solved with automation


validated and qualified leads

Learn about Botmaker as implemented on The Market

The Market is a fictitious natural products store with a bot on Twitter.

Ask questions about:
  • About The Market
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  • Deliveries

What they say about us

Excellent experience with the platform

The bot is very dynamic and we can fuel it as much as we like. We love that we can segment our agents according to the needs of our users in different service queues.

The most intuitive and simple platform for building bots

Botmaker is a very powerful tool to create chatbots. Since I started working on this project, I have seen many platforms but none like this one. It is very easy to use and also allows the creation of the dialogue flow in a very intuitive and dynamic way. The language processing system is very good, and it is useful to extend the chatbot functionalities

Botmaker brings us closer to our customers

The ease of use and programming of the bot is extremely user-friendly. The tech support team, should you need it, is also excellent.

Besides Twitter, Botmaker can connect to other text and voice channels. Thus, you can manage all your messages in a simple and centralized way on our omnichannel conversational platform.